Racing Legend Dick Trickle Commits Suicide
Richard "Dick" Trickle died Thursday at the age of 71. His body was discovered next to his pickup truck at a cemetery in Lincoln County, North Carolina, after the longtime NASCAR and short-track driver shot himself, according to police.
Jimmie Johnson Wins Daytona 500; Danica Patrick Finishes 8th
Jimmie Johnson won the Daytona 500 on Sunday, holding off Dale Earnhardt Jr., Mark Martin, Brad Keselowski and Ryan Newman to win the first points race of the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup season. Pole-sitter Danica Patrick finished eighth. Earlier in the race on lap 90, Patrick became the first woman to l…
Nascar’s Kyle Busch Pleads Guilty to Speeding 128 MPH In 45 Zone
Dear Kyle: I saw you win the Nascar Truck Owner Points in your second year as a team owner. I saw you win the Nascar Nationwide Championship in your Z-line Toyota. I watched you win your 100th Nascar victory. Not bad for a guy who has occasion to do idiotic things.  Kyle if you have a death wish, br…
Nascar, Walmart, And 1500
It's numbers fun with the Rayman. What do Nascar, Walmart, and the number 1500 have in common? Give up?
1500 Walmart stores will feature exclusive Nascar merchandise in a promotional deal between Walmart & Nascar titled "Race Time". It...

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