Dear Kyle: I saw you win the Nascar Truck Owner Points in your second year as a team owner. I saw you win the Nascar Nationwide Championship in your Z-line Toyota. I watched you win your 100th Nascar victory. Not bad for a guy who has occasion to do idiotic things.  Kyle if you have a death wish, bring it to the track, not a public highway. By the way, win this weekend, I've got money on ya..

NASCAR points leader Kyle Busch lost his driver's license for 45 days on Tuesday for driving 128 mph on a road close to a day-care center and church in a nearly $400,000 car. His lawyer said his client was not treated "like any other citizen."

Busch, who doesn't need a license to compete in NASCAR, also was fined $1,000, sentenced to 30 hours of community service and put on one year of unsupervised probation. He pleaded guilty to speeding and no contest to reckless and careless driving in North Carolina District Court in Iredell County.

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