I think this is a great idea. It might make donors think twice about giving money to a congress person. It might also make the congress person think twice before a certain vote, or make them think about accepting the money.

The thought is that each person would have a patch, the patch would be a certain size depending on the size of the amount of money, then you could see how much money has been given to that person. The limit would be $1000 or over would constitute a patch.

According to dailymail, The Obama administration's We The People program invites US citizens to submit ideas and gather support for them. The guidelines originally called for a White House response to any idea that collected 25,000 online signatures in 30 days. But after a slew of comical petitions made the program a national punchline, the administration raised the minimum signature-count to 100,000.

The petition to force donor disclosure on federal lawmakers' clothing has attracted more than 75,000 at the time I am writing this, putting it on pace to hit the 100,000-signature threshold in time to trigger a White House reply.

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