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Ron’s Review Of Captain America Civil War
Captain America finds himself with political pressure after another incident involving collateral damage, to have a governing body to oversee and direct the team cause the Avengers to form two teams splitting the Avengers to an uncertain future.
The Boss Movie Review Laugh Out Loud Or Tears Of Boredom
This R-rated comedy has a running of one hour and 39 minutes. Starring Melissa McCarthy Kristin Bell to name a few. Melissa McCarthy plays a character of aggressive businesswoman who gets a life lesson in this is the second movie McCarthy made with her husband Ben Falcone.
Ron’s Movie Review of Hardcore Henry
Hardcore Henry looks like a very unique way to put on a movie. Third person. In this movie you know nothing prior, as you’ve just come back from the dead. You’re being shot at, your wife is kidnapped. The battle to find your identity is an adrenaline rush that will run one hour 35 minutes in this R-rated movie.

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