USPS Holiday Shipping Deadlines For 2021, Plan Ahead
The United States Postal Service has released their Holiday Shipping Deadlines for 2021; these dates are the USPS's recommended dates to get letters, cards, and packages in the mail in order for them to arrive to your destination in time for Christmas.
Home Food Delivery Service
A few years ago I was enticed to go to a location and pre-make meals to freeze for the week.  I found that wasn't for me because it still took a chunk of time to go make the meals.  I've recently been introduced to the choice of home food delivery where you get the ingredients and recipes "mailed" to you.  It's the latest trend and I want to try it, but what's the best?
U.S. Post Office Apps Give Peace Of Mind And Delivers Holiday Smiles
My sister's birthday is December 19, which is a bummer for me because the gifts I send are in the mix with the holiday packages and take longer than usual to get to her.  More than 16 billion cards, letters, flats and packages are expected to be delivered for the 2016 holiday season. But, they are keeping up on it and even offering delivery notifications and a sweet new way to SEE that your packag
Man Jailed For Mailing Tarantulas
Snail mail isn't for everyone. According to The Los Angeles Times, a German man has been sentenced to six months in prison after he pleaded guilty to shipping nearly 250 tarantulas by mail to the United States. A federal prosecutor said 37-year-old Sven Koppler, who must also pay a $4,000 fine, is one of the "largest illegal importers of tarantulas."