Because we don't have enough to worry about these days, you now need to be careful about sending checks in the mail in Wisconsin. Sigh.

Be Careful Of 'Check-Washing'

Apparently, we need to be aware of check-washing, as it is a problem on the rise all across the country and right here in the Northland. It is the term used when someone steals a check from your mailbox.

From there, the thief alters the check, changing the name and the amount, often going for a higher amount than the check was made out for in the first place.

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Another Check Stealing Technique

Sadly, that isn't the only way scammers are changing checks nationwide. There is also another method called 'melted ink' where the thief does just that to write a fake name on the check.

Why Worry Now?

The Better Business Bureau warned last year that these check scams were on the rise, and there were other reports issued in 2023 warning people to stop sending checks and transfer money digitally instead.

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Sadly, the pandemic is also partially to blame for the increase in check scams as well. Organized crime picked up during the pandemic and these check scams were part of that, nearly doubling over the years since.

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Government relief and stimulus checks sent out by mail also contributed to the rise in check scams since the pandemic. Scammers and thieves took advantage of these large sums of money being sent via mail during the pandemic.

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Who Still Uses Checks?

I have a dear friend who still writes checks for everything and my mom does too from time to time. Small businesses may also prefer to use checks in some instances. Stay safe out there. Check your mail often and keep an eye on your bank accounts!

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