Jobs That Are Brutal In The Heat
When the summer heat gets unbearable to you and me, there are jobs that are miserable to work in the heat. You can go inside, they can't. They endure the heat, just to make money.
Cooling Centers Open
While crews continue to work hard to restore power as quickly as possible to the thousands still in the dark, temperatures around the Twin Ports will soar again into uncomfortable levels. To help, a number of area businesses and organizations are offering places to cool off or even take a shower...
Jobs That Are Brutal In The Heat
This week we will experience the worst heat of the year, and there are people that just have to suck it up and go do their jobs no matter what. Let's give them a little credit, just showing up at these jobs is honorable.
Dangerous Even on a Cool Day
Unfortunately there are tragic stories each summer about pets and children left in vehicles on hot summer days. While there has been a growing awareness about these dangers when outdoor temperatures are hot, it is important to remember that even on cooler days that it can still get dangerously hot i…

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