When the summer heat gets unbearable to you and me, there are jobs that are miserable to work in the heat. You can go inside, they can't. They endure the heat, just to make money.

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    Air Conditioning Repair Person

    This person is responsible for making you cool on these scorching days. They have to go out in the heat and deal with a fan spitting out heat at them while you are inside enjoying the cold air.

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    Road Construction Worker/Flagperson

    These people hold a sign telling you to stop or go or shovel something or operate heavy machinery. You sit in your cool car while they get the job done.

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    Mail Carrier

    These men and women are a different breed altogether, they go out in the rain, sleet, snow, heat, tornado.....ok, maybe not a tornado. They get the job done, and when it's hot, they get to wear shorts, if they want to. Just so you can get your mail, they deliver in the heat. (I should include all delivery people from UPS and FEDEX too).

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    Restaurant Kitchen and Dishwasher

    You don't want to cook so you go out to eat, someone has to cook and clean the dishes. These people sweat it out behind the scenes making your food. If they were grillin' outdoors it would be a different story, they have to endure their heat indoors and there is no break when they step outdoors. These people deserve a cold one!

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    Roofing Contracter

    Hot tar, hot roof, hot outside. There's no break when you are on the roof of a house and it's baking outside. No amount of water is going to cool you down, you are sweating and the heat takes all your energy out of you.