Haunted Radio Station?
We've talked about it, now people are approaching me and saying quietly that they have had encounters in our radio station. Steve, our cleaning guy came forward and let me film him talking about it. He showed me haunted places. So, it was time for me to take Shari around to tell me what happene…
Haunted Radio Station?
Too many people that work in the building where the radio station is have said to me, I hear noises at night all the time. Well, some of the noises can be explained away. Some people that reported the "Hauntings" didn't check in to them. When Shari said to me, "I thin…
Haunted Ship Evidence?
Duluth Paranormal had a chance to sweep the William A. Irvin and collected evidence of the ship being haunted.
With some new equipment to investigate, the team set up cameras all over the ship and then sent teams to the front of the ship in the luxury suites, in the boiler room, in the engine room, a…
Haunted Places In Duluth
I am looking for your stories and investigating them. One of the places I am hearing stories about and from is Spirit Mountain. I was told of a fire that burned a person alive, I hear the area is active, and although I have not been able to record or film anything, but I have researched the fire.

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