Health Officials Urge People To Get A Flu Shot This Year
With all of the spotlight on the current COVID-19 Pandemic, it would be easy to miss the fact that we are about to enter the flu season. As we get ready to shift gears, health officials are urging people to consider getting a flu vaccine this fall to help combat the issue.
Why Are People Dying From The Flu?
With the current outbreak of influenza peaking - and the news reports of the deaths associated with the flu - a lot of people are wondering:  why are people dying from the flu?  After all, isn't the flu similar to the common cold?
The Biggest Way To Avoid Catching the Flu
People are scared because of the flu making it's way through the area. I heard that Minnesota is the worst of all the states for the flu symptoms. Is the flu shot the answer, well, people are on both sides of that issue. Here's one BIG way to avoid getting the flu.

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