Superior Water Light and Power is requesting to raise utility rates for its customers to offset the losses it claims from the Husky Refinery explosion and fire this past April. The public hearing in front of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 16 in Madison and Superior.

As reported earlier, although SWLP does not name Husky specifically by name in their filings, they are asking for the rate increases because it wants to offset loses from "its largest water customer and second-largest electric customer" being out of service.

If passed, SWLP would raise electric rates for their Superior customers in the following ways:

  • Electric:  2.01 % increase
  • Natural Gas:  2.31 % increase
  • Water:  8.26 % increase

The public hearing will happen at 2:00 PM on October, 16, 2018 at both locations - Madison and Superior. Here are the details about both locations:

  • In Superior, the meeting will be at WITC in the Superior Conference Center, 600 North 21st Street.
  • In Madison, the meeting will be at the Public Services Commission - PSC Hearing Room (S105) on the first floor, 4822 Madison Yards Way.

To learn more about the hearings, click here.


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