Teaching can be a very rewarding profession!  However, a variety of factors can create unfavorable situations - enough that some people choose to not follow an education career path.  General low pay, increasing demands, and other stresses create a reality that sees a high drop-out rate; one in five public school teachers leave their jobs before the end of their first year in.  Of the remaining crew, only about half are left after their first five years.

Just like other careers, some states are better for the profession than others.  A survey conducted by WalletHub recently ranked all 50 states to determine the best (and alternatively, the worst) states to teach in.  The survey took into account many different factors - including salary ranges, academic and work environments.  Plotting those rankings provided a list.

So - the big question:  Where did Minnesota rank?  The short answer is 3rd!  Minnesota collected good scores for things like "quality of the school system" and "teachers income growth potential". Surprisingly though, it attained it's greatest composite score by being average a lot of the time - and that's not necessarily a bad thing when comparing all 50 states.  Many other states received a lot of low rankings in the different categories they were scored on; Minnesota's average results helped boost their overall total score.

While Wisconsin didn't do as good, they still placed in the upper quarter of the overall list - at 16.  Again, Wisconsin performed pretty average on many of the drilled-down testing categories, which placed them above the majority of states in the nation.

To see the full list and read more about the metrics used, click here.



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