The man charged with passing off counterfeit $20 bills at rummage sales and Kool-Aid stands in Superior and Lake Nebagamon had his initial date in Douglas County Circuit Court.  46-year old Steven Alan Wakefield was bound for arraignment and released on $500 bail;  he will make his next appearance in court on September 12.

According to court documents, Wakefield visited various rummage sales and Kool-Aid stands in Lake Nebagamon and Superior on the afternoon of June 18 and 19.  In each of the visits, the suspect paid for small-ticket items with the counterfeit $20's - receiving the change back.

A positive I.D. was made after the Kool-Aid stop on the 19th.  The serial number of the bill, identification of the vehicle and physical description matched in each of the cases.  Wakefield's defense was that he was under the influence of drugs at the time.