The efforts to clean up after last weeks storm continue - and probably will for some time.  The St. Louis County Board has made moves to make the process a little easier for some.

Starting today, there are two additional tree debris drop-off sites being opened - in addition to the sites the City of Duluth and Rice Lake Township have already made available.  The new locations are located in area sand pits - off Arnold Road and Munger Shaw Road.  Here are the location details:

  • Arnold Pit:  6230 Arnold Road (County Road 675) in Gnesen Township, approximately a half-mile north of Emerson Road - on the east side.
  • Taft Pit:  6350 Munger Shaw Road (County State Aid Highway 15) in Grand Lake Township, approximately a half-mile north of the Lost Lake Road (County Road 974) and the CN Railroad crossing - on the west side.

These self-serve drop-off locations will remain open through August 7 - including Saturdays and Sundays - during the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.