It's a short but fun season! Residents of the Twin Ports are lucky to be able to enjoy a number of outdoor skating rinks in the City of Superior. However, due to the weather and deteriorating ice rink conditions, they have been closed for the season - effective March 2.  The City issued the official closure notice on their website, with an invitation to "see them next year".

Seven different outdoor rinks exist throughout the City of Superior boundaries, open at various times and most days - depending on the flooding schedule.  The usual protocol looks for the rinks to open on the first day of Winter Break for the Superior Public School District, remaining open until weather no longer permits their use.  Those 18 and under must have a parent or guardian sign an emergency card for them.  Helmets are required on hockey rinks as per the Common Council.

Looking for some fun next year?  Make a note of the locations of the seven different outdoor ice skating rinks in  Superior:

  • Allouez:  3631 E 2nd Street. Floods Wednesday
  • Billings Park:  18th Street & New York Avenue.  Floods Tuesday
  • Carl Gullo Park:  510 26th Avenue E.  Floods Thursday
  • Pattison:  1016 Faxon Street.  Floods Thursday
  • Red Barn:  901 E 6th Street.  Floods Thursday
  • South End:  5902 Weeks Avenue.  Floods Wednesday
  • Wade Bowl:  1228 Clough Avenue.  Floods Tuesday

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