Remember back a few years ago there was a woman that sued McDonald's because she spilled coffee on herself? Well a woman in New York had a tree fall on her and her kids. She is suing for $200 million. Is that too much, read the rest.

She was out for a walk in Central Park and the old tree uprooted and fell on her and her 3 boys ranging from a baby to 4 years old. She was hurt, although I'm not sure how much. In the interview she says she is scarred for life and may be partially paralyzed.

So that got me thinking, how much is too much. I think the McDonald's lady got a couple hundred thousand. What would all that money go toward. Why do you need $200 million. Are they asking high and hoping it comes in at a fair amount, or is this lady just asking for way too much.

If the hospital bill was that high, I could see it, but I'm not buying this. Here's what we had to say.

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