Superior's Jenna Rae is back in the spotlight, so to speak. I talked with her on facebook about how excited she is to be a part of the live presentation of Grease! on Fox. She let's me know she is in the backround, but I remind her, she is still in it.

Jenna gave me a few websites to read more about the behind the scenes stuff, including some streaming they will do with special backstage stuff. I also asked her to give me the scenes she is in so we can spot her. She said, the intro with Grease is the word, before summer nights, at the pep rally, the scene with those magic changes, throughout the prom, the drive in scene, and the carnival scene. When you are watching you will have to look for her.

She is always great to check in and let us know what projects she is working on. I will have her on the show Tuesday February 2nd to talk about the excitement of the project. Here are the websites Jenna gave me to share with you.

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