Forget "Let's Move!".  Ignore the new food pyramids and guidelines.  Gloss over the new garden in the backyard of the White House.  A look at the recent food items eaten by President Barack Obama while he's been on the campaign trail shows that it's a case of "eat what I say...not what I do".

As President Barack Obama made his way through a three-day, three-state presidential trip in the Midwest, pies, ice cream, popcorn, have all become featured items of the road.

Hope no one is counting the calories.  ...Or the fat grams.

Obama stopped for pie Monday in the Minnesota town of Zumbrota, approaching the pie case at the Coffee Mill with the eye of a connoisseur and ordering slices of apple, pumpkin, and German chocolate pie and an entire coconut cream pie. On Tuesday, the motorcade pulled up to DeWitt Dairy Treats in DeWitt, Iowa, and Obama ordered soft ice cream cones for his staff and one, vanilla, for himself.

He then glad-handed local residents attracted by the commotion, excusing himself at one point as the soft folds of ice cream began to melt and threatened to run down the cone to his hand- "gotta make sure I take a lick."

While it's fair to point out that fast food restaurants and diners are the norm on any candidates road runs, it's also prudent to question what message this sends -- especially with an administration that has made "healthy eating" so much a part of their pitch.

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