There'll be good news in the end-of-the-year property tax bill envelopes for residents in the City of Superior.  Usually, it's safe to say that things like taxes and fees never go down - they only continue to rise.  Well, apparently that's not going to be the case for 2019.

Mayor Jim Paine has announced that property taxes for residents of Superior will decrease by 3.77% in 2019. That information follows close on the heels of an earlier announcement that landfill fees would go down - beginning January 1; the new fee will be 50-cents lower per can per month.  While that 50-cents may not sound like much, it's worth noting that an earlier ordinance would have increased the landfill fees in 2019 by $2.00 per month.

In his social media post about the decreased property taxes, Paine thanked the City staff and the City Council for their efforts to reduce and contain costs.

It's been a busy month for Paine - as he also announced his intentions to run for reelection. He has invited the general public to join him at the Carnegie Library on December 1 at 1:00 PM for an official announcement.

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