Def Leppard has released a new Christmas Song. All you have to do is learn the song and lip sync in a home-made video.

You can film yourself on your phone or do something professionally. I would recommend making it as easy as possible. It can be you, or you with family and/or friends.

You can download the song from the website, which is the same place you can upload the video and fill out the paperwork at

Here are some of the rules and recommendations from Def Leppard

  • Go solo or film with your friends/family!  We prefer you film the entire song, as we will pick the best clips to feature in the Gallery.
  • A neutral background without props works best.
  • Video MUST be shot in landscape on your phone or recording device and shot in 1080p (or preferably 4K)
  • It must be in English

Entry cannot:

  • Be sexually explicit or suggestive; derogatory of any ethnicity, race, gender, or religion; or profane or pornographic (e.g., contain nudity);
  • Promote alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons (or the use of any of the foregoing), or any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous;
  • Defame, misrepresent or contain disparaging remarks about Def Leppard or any other people and/or companies; Contain any use of trademarks, logos, landmarks, copyrighted materials owned by others or contain any personal identification;
  • Communicate messages or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or goodwill to which Def Leppard wishes to associate.Entry Must:
  • Be original and solely created by you. It is your responsibility to obtain, prior to submission of your Video, the approval, and rights to use any individuals or content you did not create;
  • Not have been previously published, submitted, or otherwise used for any other commercial purpose

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