Substitute teachers in the Superior School District could expect to earn more when they take to the classroom this upcoming fall.  At the upcoming meeting on August 9, the Superior School Board will decode whether or not to adopt a new salary scale for substitute teachers and Family Engagement Coordinators.

According to details shared in the Superior Telegram, if approved - the new salary scale for subs would fall competitively in line as follows:

"[half day subs would] rise to $75....$150 for a full day for short-term teachers - $77.50 and $155, respectively, if they are a retired or current teacher from the district.  Long-term substitutes would receive $87.50 per half-day or $175 for a full day."

At the core of the decision is the district's ability to find candidates for the sub positions that they have available.  For a variety of reasons (sick, PTO, Family Leave, etc) and due to the large scale of operations, the Superior School District routinely has a large number of substitute teachers in their classrooms at any given time.  Because the need is there, they have to have the ability to pull qualified candidates in quantity.

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As far as the Family Engagement Coordinators ("formerly known as Parent Involvement Coordinators"), an approved increase would see their wage increase by $2 an hour, rising across ten steps.  The "new salary schedule would start coordinators off at $12.50 per hour and top out at $16.19 per hour for step 10 employees".

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Salary aside, the Superior School District is aiming at having one Family Engagement Coordinator at each school across the district.  While it is a part time position, a system of shared, multiple schools across the district could "make it a more attractive position".

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