A local charitable program that benefits young families could use your help!  The Superior Public Library has a program called the Library Fine Fairy that not a lot of people know about - but the impact is has on the lives of young children can be very beneficial.

I think we're all aware of how libraries charge small fees for overdue books and materials;   The fees are used to support the purchasing part of the libraries budget - allowing them to procure more books.  Usually, the fee isn't a burden on a user - a dollar or two.  However for families that might be struggling financially, the fee becomes an obstacle to allowing them (or their children) the use of their public library.  That's when the Library Fine Fairy steps in - using judicial review of the situation - to try and make sure that no child goes without access to books and educational materials.

At the Superior Public Library, the program is funded via donations from patrons.

If you would like to make a donation to the Library Fine Fairy program, you can do so the next time you're at the Superior Public Library by talking with any staff member.  You can also send donations to:  Library Fine Fairy c/o Superior Public Library, 1530 Tower Avenue, Superior, Wisconsin, 54880.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated and go a long way towards keeping the public library accessible to all.



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