It's cold out and you want to stay in for the night. In the mood for a Christmas movie that will make you fall in love? Here are some suggestions that will glad you stayed at home for pizza and romance.

Most of the movies of the season are so obviously geared toward kids or families. These are either romantic movies that are set in the Christmas Season or are Christmas movies with romance. See if you agree.

Love Actually-Hugh Grants does what he does best, shows you his awkward vulnerable side and falls in love. Most women love this movie, so it's a great one to share.

The Family Man-Nicolas Cage is a highly successful man on Wall Street. Then he gets a glimpse of what his life could have been like. Which life does he choose? The answer will make this a perfect date night flick.

Holiday Affair-After a bust for marijuana possession, Robert Mitchum is Ordered by RKO chief Howard Hughes to play a kind-hearted role to repair his public image. In the movie he falls in love with young widow Janet Leigh, despite that she’s already got a fiancé. Leigh wants stability for her young son, whose father died in World War II. Step back in time, but still a great date night movie.

Some Girls-Before Patrick Dempsey became McDreamy, he and  Jennifer Connelly joined forces for a movie about a college student who travels to Quebec to spend Christmas with his girlfriend. Once he gets there she informs him she no longer loves him, and that’s the first of many curve balls. How does he get through it? Spend a date night finding out.

The Holiday- Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. This Christmas movie is about two unhappy women who swap homes to try and get away from life for a while. Both women find love in their temporary homes. Jack Black plays a surprise romantic role.


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