Even though baseball stadiums have a sign up to enter at your own risk and the fact that you could be hit in the face with a foul ball, the discussion has started for ball clubs to put up extra netting. The Minnesota Twins decided they are not going to wait for mandates, they announced they will put up safety netting for the 2018 season at Target field.


In 2010 Target field was considered one of the most intimate and safest ball parks in all of Major League Baseball. According to a press release from The Minnesota Twins, in the 2016 season the Twins extended fan safety netting from the area immediately behind home plate to the outer edges of each dugout.

Now, for the 2018 season, the Twins will raise the height of the existing protective netting above the dugouts from seven feet to approximately nine feet. Additionally, the Twins will extend the netting beyond the dugouts down both foul lines covering the entire Dugout Box seating area (Sections 1-17).


They also announced all the netting will be replaced with new netting that is stronger for better fan safety.

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