The Twin Ports area loves its festivals!  And the summer calendar is packed with a wide variety of different events and celebrations to keep everyone busy all season long.  One of those events in Superior that everyone looks forward to is getting ready for this years edition.

Organizers are getting ready for the 2022 edition of East End Family Fun Days - the annual September event that happens in Superior on the third Saturday of September.  The date for this years event is Saturday, September 17, according to details shared on their social media and website.

Similar to the way that the event has happened in years past, the day will start out with the morning rummage and garage sales.  The details shared on their website say that those will start at 10:00 AM.

Then, you'll want to stick around as the day unfolds.  Organizers usually have a wide variety of fun activities planned, food vendors, a car show, and so much more.  Many businesses in the East End neighborhood of Superior have tables and displays out on the sidewalk and the general atmosphere is "something for the whole family". Everything culminates with the street dance that starts later in the evening.

The full schedule of events is still being finalized, according to organizers.

According to information shared on the events website, East End Family Fun Days celebration got its start in 1984 - 38 years ago.  It was originally known as the "Old Fire House Muster", and the Old Firehouse and Police Museum still plays a central location point for the scheduled events.

If you're planning on attending - and you've never been before and wonder where the fun events will be located, here are the details.  While the rummage and garage sales might stray a little off of the main drag, most of the other planned events for the day take place in the East End business district of Superior, which is located on East 5th Street, in the general area behind Culvers and Super One off Highway 2.

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