The Superior Telegram reported that the Superior City Council tried to elect a council President 8 times before giving up last night. Politics in Superior have been contentious with the spring election, and that momentum seems to continue.

Fox 21 news reported previously about some of the concern with Mayor Paine endorsing candidates for city council in the election earlier this month. It appears the new council and Mayor are not off to a productive start with last night's council meeting. Every April following the election, the council votes on their council president. Up for the job this time around were councilors Ruth Ludwig and Brent Fennessey.

Councilors voted 8 times without coming up with a winner. Councilor Craig Sutherland pushed for a secret ballot, but Mayor Paine voted against that measure as well.

In the past, sometimes these ties were broke by cutting a deck of cards. Mayor Paine argued that cutting a deck of cards is not the way to decide the outcome, as the Mayor was elected to have this authority.

They essentially gave up for the night, and they'll visit this matter again.

To be clear, this is just a summary of what the Superior Telegram reported. My opinion on the matter as a Superior resident is that this is ridiculous. Whatever personal beef councilors and the mayor have with each other, it's time to set it aside and work together. Superior has made some great progress in the last few years, and it's sad to see personal issues and alliances disrupt the work that needs to be done.

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