It's a move that perhaps wasn't unexpected. Superior City Clerk Camila Ramos will no longer be employed in that position - resigning her job with an immediate effective date.

The separation agreement that Ramos signed will still see her being paid until some point this summer. According to details shared in an article by the Superior Telegram [paywall], Ramos "entered into a separation agreement with the city on March 24". And while the resignation is immediate, "she will remain in a paid status through June 24 with all accumulated paid leave to be paid out July 7".

Ramos' resignation ends the ongoing contention between herself and the City - dating back to January. That's when the now-former City Clerk received an official Letter of Reprimand from Superior Mayor Jim Paine for a number of items - including "inappropriate and unprofessional treatment of staff; ineffective training and delegation of work; and insubordination".

An appeal process was started by Ramos for the Letter of Reprimand. Ramos asked for a public hearing. That appeal hearing - "heard by the....Human Resources Committee" occured in early March. Following four hours of testimony from various witnesses and an hour of deliberation, the committee voted to let the Letter of Reprimand stand, siding with the CIty on their allegations.That article in the Telegram details that the appeal process "cost the city about $8,100 in attorney's fees and staff wages".

A couple of weeks later, Ramos was released on Administrative leave as a follow-up to the situation. At the time, the City Clerk was "instructed not to return to without prior approval" and to "not have contact with insubordinates of other city employees concerning city business". She also faced potential charges form the Civil Service Commission over her actions.

Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

During his testimony at the appeal hearing, Superior Mayor Jim Paine shared "that the City had sufficient cause to terminate Ramos based on her past actions".

In addition to the wages that will be paid to Ramos into June, the City also agreed to provide the following:

  • Cover her health and dental insurance through July 31
  • "Provide an exception for a complaint Ramos filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission"
  • Provide "a neutral employment reference" to any future potential employers

At the same time, Ramos"relinquished all rights and claims against the City and anyone representing the City of Superior". She also made an agreement that disallows her from filing any future "lawsuits, charges, or complaints against the City".

Deputy City Clerk Heidi Blunt - who had been tapped to fill the City Clerk position temporarily when the Leave of Absence started - will continue to fill that role for the time being. The City of Superior will actively look to fill the City Clerk position permanently "after the April 4 election".

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