Tim Frey said it all started when he was sitting in his deer stand, and was bored and wanted to occupy his mind.

I talked to Tim over the phone and he said it was a long process from start to finish, but he wanted to write a children's book that wasn't hokey, that was smart but on the child's level and had some life lessons hidden in a fun story.

The book is called "Day, The Flying Squirrel". Day stays up past his bedtime and sneaks out of the nest, when he is confronted by a tornado, it takes him far from home, and has to try to find his way back. Good lessons for kids to be brave, and Frey says he has other messages for kids and families.

Frey said the book and the whole idea took 5 years to come to fruition. He said he spent a lot of hours writing outlines and story ideas while sitting in his deer stand. He also said his sister-in-law Kelly and niece Ava bounced some ideas back and forth and listened to the story. Ava even helped name some of Day’s friends in the book. Tim looked for the right illustrator so that it wasn't cheap-looking, and the right company to make the plushy. He said he wanted the book to have good messages for kids and a family book that could be passed on.

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There is a website you can visit to get an exclusive boxed set that includes the hand puppet/plushy of Day to use to play with the kids while you read, or just for fun. Tim Frey says he was inspired by the flying squirrels in his back yard. He said you can hear them flying from tree to tree and that gave him an idea. I told him I didn't know they made a noise, he said you can hear the wind as they guide themselves between trees.

Timothy Frey is a successful businessman in charge of Frey Financial, CEO of Ignite Dispensary, Hemp Consultant, Commercial Property Manager, and even Farm Manager. Now you can add Children's Book Writer to the list.

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