It almost came to an end.  The 4th of July Parade in Superior - a staple in the Northland since the 1990's - was in danger of having no one to organize and lead the planning for 2022.  The Citizen's 4th of July Committee - lead organizers since the parades return to form in 1998 - folded following a series of deaths and retirements.

That's when a chance meeting between city administration and a longtime community businessperson and leader happened.

According to the details shared in an article in the Superior Telegram [paywall], Carolyn Nelson-Kavajecz made a chance meeting to discuss float ideas for this summers event with Superior Parks Recreation and Forestry Director Linda Cadotte.  That's when Cadotte told Nelson-Kavajecz that the parade more than likely wouldn't be happening this summer because the committee "was no longer planning the parade".

That's when the owner of Sterling Silver Studio took steps to make sure that the 4th of July Parade would continue in the community. After reaching out to make contact with the remaining members of the Citizen's 4th of July Committee to both get an idea of what she would be taking on and "to make sure she wasn't stepping on anyone's toes".


Even though thought went into it, the decision to take on the parade and event planning was an easy one for Carolyn Nelson-Kavajecz.  She's no stranger to playing a big role in Superior and the greater Twin Ports community. After forming the popular dance studio in Superior in 1991, she's been a big part of most events that occur there ever since. Sterling Silver Studio marched in their first 4th of July Parade in Superior that first year, were back when the event made its return in 1998, and have been in every parade since.

JoAnn Jardine/Studio One Photography
JoAnn Jardine/Studio One Photography

What's most impressive about Carolyn Nelson-Kavajecz, though, is the way that she always makes things less about "her" and more about her "team" - the dancers, parents, family, and friends that surround Sterling Silver Studio. Carolyn explains:

"[A]lthough I am usually the first one to raise my hand and say 'Yes, Sterling Silver can do that!', I am only able to do it because we have such a huge group of people willing to work together and make cool things possible in our community."

In many ways, Sterling Silver Studios is like a close-knit family all working together towards a common goal.  Carolyn continues:

"Many of the parents themselves were Sterling Silver performers back in the 1990's and 2000's and have brought their own children back to be a part of the organization. Because these parents have first hand experience performing and marching in parades as a child, it is fun for them to get involved at a whole new level to make these events come to life. They know how to come together as a team and make the magic happen."

And, that "magic" will happen again - for the foreseeable future - under the leadership of Carolyn Nelson-Kavajecz and her team.

Entry into this years 4th of July Parade in Superior will remain free - a distinct difference between the Superior event and many others in the region. If you'd like to enter a float or register for a space, you can apply online at  And if you have interest in volunteering to help, you're directed email

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