We hear "drive safely" all the time from others when we hit the road. Whenever we encounter a construction crew on the road, we are reminded of that once again as speed limits are reduced around crews out there doing their job.

Unfortunately, there are drivers out there who ignore the signs and warnings around the men and women working on road crews and that can lead to very tragic result.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation wants us all to remember the men and women who have been killed or injured while working on state roadways during Worker Memorial Day.

Since 1960, 35 MnDOT workers and 16 contractors have lost their lives while working on Minnesota highways.

According to MnDOT, Gov. Tim Walz proclaimed April 28, 2022, as Worker Memorial Day in Minnesota in recognition of the high price transportation workers have paid in the construction and maintenance of Minnesota’s transportation system.

“Every day, road workers across the state put themselves on the line to keep Minnesota’s roads safe for everyone,” said Nancy Daubenberger, MnDOT interim commissioner. “Those workers – and everyone traveling through work zones – deserve to get home safely.  Please, slow down and avoid distractions in work zones to help keep our workers—and yourself—safe.”

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MnDOT says motorists and passengers are involved in the majority of work zone deaths and injuries and they want everyone out on Minnesota roads to follow these recommendations in work zones:

  • Drive the speed limit. It helps create a consistent, more predictable traffic flow for everyone.
  • Don’t drive distracted. Drivers need to be alert especially in work zones, which constantly change due to lane shifts, closures and moving workers and vehicles.
  • Move over to give workers room to safely complete their work.
    Avoid unnecessary lane changes.
  • Be patient; expect delays, especially during peak travel times.
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In honor of Worker's Memorial Day Thursday, the Interstate 35W Bridge in Minneapolis will be lit orange to honor those highway workers who have died while working in work zones.

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