The Chances of you getting "Bridged" will be more frequent as of this Friday May 25th, the Aerial Lift Bridge goes to the Summer Schedule.

Which means the Bridge will lift on the hour and half hour from 7 am to 9 pm every day until the Tuesday after Labor Day.

According to  the bridge averages 26 lifts a day during the Summer months. Decades ago, pedestrians were able to ride on the bridge when it was raised. But, this was outlawed in the early 1980s after a horrible accident that claimed the life of a woman when she was crushed by the steel bridge.


The Bridge will continue to open upon request at all times for vessels over 300 gross tons; Federal, state, and local government vessels; vessels in distress; commercial vessels engaged in rescue or emergency salvage operations; vessels engaged in pilot duties; and vessels seeking shelter from severe weather. All other water vessels will follow the half hour and hour lift times.

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