Jen Bergum started at the Duluth Playhouse and put in the work and wanted bigger. She moved to New York, and is pursuing theatre.

After talking to Jen she says New York is where you go to get into stage and there is some other acting jobs there too, but she is a stage actress.

I like having people like Jen in because for young people or people wanting to get into acting, I like to show that someone from the area is doing it, and what steps to take. to make that dream happen.

It was an easy visit as you can tell by how long we talked. This is why I post the whole interview for you to listen/watch and not the stuff that made the radio.  Some of it is interesting. She has a long stories history with the Duluth Playhouse as she explains and she also talks about what an apartment in New York costs.

If you would like to connect with Jen, here are her places

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