Fanny, as they were originally known,  is credited as the first all-female rock band to land a contract and issue an album for a major label.

Now they are back and wanting to reclaim their spot in rock music. This time as Fanny Walked The Earth. I talked to Brie Darling about what it was like to be the women in a male dominated music world and some of the challenges that brought. I also asked what it feels like making a comeback where more women have broken ground.

Brie and the rest of the band haven't been sitting in their rocking chairs they have all been busy separately but the opportunity was presented to them to put something together and make a comeback to the music business and all of them were waiting for the moment to come.

After listening to the album, they have improved. Brie says, it's because they have broadened their world before coming back together. Great interview with Brie.

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