Not only does the spring of the year bring a change to the season, it brings with it a change to our weather patterns.  The spring and summer season bring the chance for severe weather in the Northland - in the way of thunderstorms and tornadoes.  It's also the time of the year that we have increased chances of straight line winds and flood damage.

April 13 through April 17 is Severe Weather Awareness Week - the annual event that shines the light on the increased chances for destructive weather patterns this time of year.  The spotlight is put together by St. Louis County and the National Weather Service.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic response, officials have altered their scheduled test of area tornado sirens.  That said, the county and the National Weather Service are asking families to make sure everyone knows where to go for the safest place to take shelter during severe weather.

For more details on how your family can prepare - including checklists - click here to visit the Minnesota Department of Public Safety's website.

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