This time of year is made for legitimate outdoor projects;  from roofing and siding to asphalt and landscaping, the mid-summer months are a hive of activity for contractors.  Unfortunately, it's also prime season for scammers.

Officials with St. Louis County are warning residents about a scammer who is making their rounds - posing as an asphalt contractor who is doing a job for the county in the area.  At this time, the would-be-criminal is making their rounds in the Biwabik area near Highway 4.

At this point the scam has worked like this:  a person has been going door-to-door, representing himself as part of a contractor that's working in the area.  The person asks if the homeowner wants their driveway redone while they're working in  the area.  The company that the individual claims he is working for is not a contractor on the project and has never worked with St. Louis County in the past.

Property owners are reminded to be cautious about this specific scheme and other like it;  would-be criminals often use the summer construction season as  their cover.


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