A great deal is waiting for the successful bidder!  St. Louis County is getting ready to hold their spring Tax Forfeited Land Auction on Thursday, June 14 - 10:00 AM at the AAD Shriners Center, 5152 Miller Trunk Highway in Hermantown.

This particular auction event represents one of the largest sales that St. Louis County has held in recent years; it also marks the second of three auctions planned for 2018.

Bidders will have the chance at nearly 170 tax forfeited parcels - with properties spread throughout the large county boundaries - from Duluth to Ely, Hibbing to Virginia.  Highlights include two North Shore properties that include Lake Superior frontage, the 25 acre site where the former Clover Valley School stood, 18 houses, and numerous undeveloped parcels.

Participants will find that some properties from previous auctions will be included - now at lower minimum bids.  In addition, some previous parcels of land that included blighted homes or buildings have been cleared - making them more attractive to potential bidders.

You can view an online catalog in advance of the auction by clicking here.  Advance registration is required for those wishing to take part.

The third tax forfeited land auction is scheduled for October 11 - at the Miners Memorial Building in Virginia.

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