Former Twins manager Ron Gardenhire is now managing the Detroit Tigers, who started a 3-game series at Target Field against the Twins. While addressing the media after his Tigers lost to the Twins 4-2 on Monday night, he got a call from his boss and the ringtone probably isn't what you'd expect.

Kelly Clarkson? Don't get me wrong, it's a fine song, but I never would have imagined Ron Gardenhire rocking out to 'Stronger'. I really wish I could ask what the deal is with the ringtone. Is it secretly the anthem for his coaching mantra this season? I mean, the Tigers haven't been brilliant this season, but it isn't like he's managing the White Sox or something.

As you can hear in the clip in the tweet, Ron went on to answer the phone during the press conference. As a manager, you probably shouldn't ignore the GM's phone calls, so Gardy answered Al Avila's call right in the middle of the presser. He jokingly said he's probably calling "to fire my ass" before answering, and proceeded to be his usual Gardy self with Avila on the phone and the media looking on.

For the record, the Twins have won Monday's game 4-2 and Tuesday's game 6-0 over the Tigers and their former manager.

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