The Valentine's Day tax-forfeited land auction that was held by St. Louis County on Thursday, February 14 was very successful - netting a good return for the counties taxpayers.  In total, the sale brought in $360,840.

The counties bottom line  profited from the auction - even as some bidders walked away with outstanding deals.  In one example:  An 80-acre parcel in Gnesen Township sold for $143,500 - which was  more than $40,000 than the initial asking price.

In total, 17 parcels were sold off during the land auction - returning them to the property tax base.  90 land parcels were originally offered up for sale during the tax forfeited land auction - including recreational land, buildable lots, and several houses.  All remaining parcels are now available for sale on a first come, first served basis through the St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department.

Two more land auctions are planned for this year (2019):  June 13 in Hermantown and October 11 in Virginia.

Here's a Valentine's Day gift suggestion that's truly unique:  Give your sweetheart a parcel of land this year!  More than 90 tax-forfeited properties will be up for grabs to the winning bidder at the St. Louis County Land Sale scheduled for Thursday, February 14.

. To see an online catalog before going, click here.


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