A drunk driver had a head-on collision with a St. Louis County Sheriff last night, resulting in an arrest, damaged vehicles, but no injuries.  The incident happened around 11:45 PM on September 11 in Industrial Township.

According to the Incident Report, a county patrol sergeant was driving along Highway 8.  The sheriff noticed that a vehicle was traveling towards him on his side of the road.  Immediately the officer took defensive measures as the car also ran a stop sign; the sheriff stopped the squad and started to reverse in order to avoid the impending head-on collision.  He even turned on his emergency lights.  That's when 25-year old Cody Joyal rammed his vehicle head-on into the sheriff's squad car.

Neither the sheriff or the suspect were injured.  Law enforcement believes that the actions may have been intentional, and they are aware that alcohol was a factor.  Joyal was arrested on the scene and was booked into the St. Louis County Jail.

St Louis County Sheriff