Face it - there's a reason we're here; the Northland is a pretty great place to live, work, and raise a family!  And - apparently - it's not a secret!

A recent survey of the 50 states by Wallethub.com ranked them on a variety of subjects - determining a comprehensive overall score. Three key factors were used to determine the "Happiest States in America":  "emotional and physical well-being", "work environment", and "community and environment".  Scores were determined off of 31 key metrics before compiling the overall score.

So - how did Minnesota and Wisconsin rank in the survey?  Pretty well it seems.  Minnesota did the best - coming out in third place overall with top ten scores in each of the determing categories.  Wisconsin did well as well, just missing the top ten with an eleventh placement. North and South Dakota also placed well, finishing within the top fifteen.

Here is a list of the Top 15 states:

  1. Hawaii
  2. Utah
  3. Minnesota
  4. North Dakota
  5. California
  6. Idaho
  7. Maryland
  8. Iowa
  9. South Dakota
  10. Nebraska
  11. Wisconsin
  12. Connecticut
  13. New Jersey
  14. New York
  15. Virginia

To see the complete list and to learn more about the rankings, click here.


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