In a statement that accompanied the information, St. Louis County officials shared that the "favorable weather conditions" that the Northland has experienced the last few days (i.e. rain) prompted the change.  In making the decision, the county was in ongoing consultation with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the United States Forest Service (USFS).

Even though the logging restrictions have been lifted for the time being, St. Louis County still has recommendations for loggers.  They're still urging that "fire suppression equipment - such as a fire extinguisher, water tank and pump, or backpump - be readily available on site at all times, and that an on site fire watch person monitor for one hour after operations shut down for the day."

Just as the logging restrictions have been lifted, there are still current fire danger and burning restrictions in place.  Click here to visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website to get the complete details.

Couple in forest preserve with redwoods, Felton, California

This weeks earlier restrictions had been put in place under the guise of caution.  With the extremely dry (drought) conditions, the lack of significant rainfall, and high winds, the chance for a wildfire was a high level.

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While the logging restrictions have been lifted for the time being, both the Land and Minerals Department of St. Louis County, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and the United States Forest Service are continuing to monitor the situation.  If the weather changes or they deem the situations exist for concern, they may implement the restrictions again if the risk of wildfire increases.

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