The weather is warming up and some of the trails in the Twin Ports are drying. That doesn't mean they are ready to use. Some are still having some drainage problems. There are some clumps of snow that are making some trails muddy, and if used could ruin that path for someone else.

Most trails are included, city hiking trails, snowmobile trails and cross country ski trails. Those trail that don't receive much sunlight are now vulnerable to being damaged with deep ruts and possible erosion.

The City of Duluth asks you to refrain from using those trails, they will eventually open and can be used, but the city says some of them may need some attention before they are open.

If you are looking to get out and do some walking or biking, there are some "trails" that are open.  They are the Lakewalk, the Munger Trail and the Western Waterfront Trail. In addition, the far eastern part of Skyline Parkway near Hawks Ridge is also a good place to walk as well as the far western end of Skyline Parkway, west of Spirit Mountain. You can walk, but some of those areas are not allowing autos yet.

Stick to the streets too, find a pretty part of Duluth and make the walk along there. Canal Park and the Canal itself are beautiful. Taking a drive up the shore has some great places to walk and also to sight see. A walk through downtown Duluth can give you a great workout with the hills  as an added exercise.


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