Giants Ridge is expanding their bike trails in the hopes of becoming the biggest lift served bike park in the entire Midwest. A lift park uses chairlifts to bring the rider and their bike up to the top of the trails.

Director of mountain sports Benji Neff said to WDIO "Currently there's only two places in the state where you can put your bike on a chairlift and come ride."  Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the staff follow cleaning protocols, and the chairlifts are cleaned after each rider.

Riders have a choice of five different trails to choose from beginner to double black diamond. For people who ski and snowboard they are familiar with the black diamond symbol which stands for hardest run or in this case trails so double black diamond is the extra hardest of the bunch.

With work being done on 20 more miles of trails by the end of the season they expect to have around 30 miles total worth of trails. This summer has been very dry on the Iron Range but the drought has actual helped with making the trails.

Neff explained to WDIO "The Giants Ridge mountain tends to be pretty wet on its own, so any time mother nature can ease up a little bit that definitely helps us. The weather has been cooperating about as best as we could hope for."

With the work going on all summer every month could have a new trail to explore and ride with a lot of variety. If you live in the Twin Ports we have lots of trails right here in Duluth to practice on, so if you head to Giants Ridge maybe you will feel confident enough to hit that double black diamond.

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