Yes, I know the weather has not been our friend. So many people waiting for the weather to change to more spring like weather. Well, I say, don't wait! Start spring cleaning now, here are a few ways to help your wallet.

According to the Manilla Video below, start with your clothes. What can you do with them to make some money. If you have a lot, donate and ask for a reciept. You can go online and figure out how much of a write off they are, that will save you money. Or consign, more details on the video.

Update your old tech stuff, and sell it to a refurbishing store. You might not make much, but you might be able to trade in and upgrade you old lapper, and someone else looking for something cheap for their kids to play games on will be happy you did trade in.

Jewelry is a huge money maker if you are willing to part with old jewels, I'm not talking about famliy hand me downs, I'm talking your old stuff.

Ebay can help with some of your old music or tech stuff. More and more people are finding collectors of old video games, books and other junk! (One man's junk is another man's treasure, and his wife's headache).


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