I have never been a fan of self-check out lanes.  I believe that a business should employee real people to perform the jobs that are required to obtain my business.  Furthermore - if I'm forced to check myself out, I should see a discount -- because after all, I would be performing the tasks that an actual employee should be providing me.

It seems that in these economic times, some national supermarkets are re-thinking their self-service policies.

Beginning this month, Albertsons is removing the self-checkout lanes in all of its 217 stores in seven states.

As it remodels stores, Kroger is considering the metro or European style of checkout lanes, with one customer line for multiple staffed express lanes vs. self checkouts.

For Boise-based Albertsons, self-checkout no longer fits with the customer-service experience it wants, spokeswoman Christine Wilcox said.

"Our customers are our highest priority, and we want to provide them with an excellent experience from the time they park their car to when they leave," Wilcox said.

Home Depot takes it a step further.



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