The smoke from the wildfires has made it hard to breathe in the Twin Ports but now it's making the area disappear.

Here is a picture from the Blatnik bridge looking at what should be Park Point. The smoke has covered most of the land and made it a little gray in the ship loading area. You can smell the fire, it smells like a campfire or an air freshener for the Twin Ports.

Some mornings s the smoke is making the Aerial Lift Bridge disappear into the smoke, let alone Lake Superior. In some cases, the water completely disappears. When you look at some of the pictures taken from the Blatnik Bridge there is no bay or St. Louis River.

In the above picture, you can't see any of the St. Louis Bay and the railroad bridge on the right side of the Blatnik Bridge. It hasn't become so bad that you can't drive over the Bong or Blatnik Bridge but with the blowing wind it has become like fog does on the lake when it makes it difficult.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

Here are a couple of more shots traveling over the Blatnik Bridge as you can see it appears to be getting worse as the day goes on. The air is thick too as you drive over either bridge or the interstates, so it is wreaking havoc with our lungs and vision from the wildfires.

Accuweather is saying the air is unhealthy right now and that means some people will and are putting some masks to go out in public, and paying more attention when driving because the smoke is covering some of the distance in front of you and giving you a small area to see ahead.

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