Many of you have heard about the restaurant in Ely that closed it's doors to the general public in order to help feed all the firefighters battling the Greenwood Fire and other fires raging across parts of Minnesota, and were wondering what you as an individual can do? According to Owen Fifield, Disaster Program Manager for Duluth Red Cross, he said:

"We are staffing our shelter at the Babbitt Municipal Center, 71 South Drive where affected community members can receive food, lodging, and additional resources. Our services will expand if we receive information that homes have been damaged."

Fifield went on to suggest these ideas on how individual members of the community can help:

  1.  Monetary donations: although it can feel good to donate physical items, monetary donations allow relief organizations to help the recovery of impacted community members in a way that meets their individual and family needs. Physical goods are usually at odds with what those affected by disaster can really use and present many issues for the organizations trying to distribute them.
  2. Volunteer! The American Red Cross has an ongoing need for volunteers here in the Northland, but also for disaster relief operations around the country. You can get involved at
  3. Be safe. Follow the directions of Emergency Management, respect road closures, and evacuate when asked to do so.
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Thank you so much to all the members of the Red Cross and volunteers who are working so hard to assist the firefighters and families and residents who are being displaced from the fire. And of course all the firefighters from around the country who are working around the clock to put out these fires! The Duluth Fire Department has issued the following statement via Facebook:

For many families who have to flee they have to make the heartbreaking decision on what to do with their animals and pets. Thankfully there is a group called Greenwood Fire Displaced Animals made up of a local group of veterinary/rescue professionals who have experience coordinating temporary placement of animals in need of shelter due to the wildfires in Lake County.

They are helping house and care for animals of all shapes and sizes and are looking for more volunteers for fostering, transporting, animal care etc.  You can message them through their Facebook Page, or send an email to:, or send a text to: 218-491-3014.

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