Just say the word marathon and my confidence level drops.  I have run several half marathons and am currently training for another, my goal is always just to finish.  That's because I think just finishing is an unrealistic goal for me.  I never thought about an inline skate marathon until Skeeter Moore showed me how easy it could be.

I first saw Skeeter with the indoor training equipment at the Northland Community Wellness Day and watched people of all ages try it.  Skeeter put them at ease, gave them detailed instructions and they were off and skating in minutes.  Since I didn't get a chance to try it that Saturday I asked Skeeter if I could come to the Northshore Inline Skate Marathon office and give it a go.  I found out that if skating wasn't my thing, I could still be part of the Inline Marathon on September 16, 2017 by running the 10K or half marathon race.  Truly something for everyone.  Skeeter shares all the info you need to know about the race in the video below.  Hope to see you on the course! [Register Here]

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