To coordinate the race route for the North Shore Inline Marathon, Duluth Police have announced the following road closures - for the race which will be run on Saturday, September 15th.

In advance of the race, the following road closures will happen on Friday the 14th, starting at 4 PM:

  • Harbor Drive will be closed from Railroad Street, down behind the DECC to below the Aquarium for Kid's Inline Spring Races.  That roadway will reopen around 8:30 PM.

On Saturday, drivers will encounter the following closures:

  • The Scenic Highway will be closed from the Highway 61 Expressway to Two Harbors for race setup.  Local traffic will be guided off the Scenic Highway toward the Expressway.

Then at 6:45 AM:

  • All southbound traffic on the Highway 61 Expressway will be diverted onto Superior Street.
  • London Road will be closed from 60th Avenue East to 26th Avenue East.
  • I-35 will be closed from 26th Avenue East to 5th Avenue West.  Southbound entrance ramps onto I-35 will be closed at 26th Avenue East and 21st Avenue East.  Northbound entrance ramps onto I-35 will be closed at Mesaba Avenue, 5th Avenue West Viaduct, Lake Avenue, and 2nd Avenue East.
  • I-35 Southbound will be accessible at Lake Avenue, 5th Avenue West, and Mesaba Avenue ramps.


Interactive Road Closure Map

Key: Red - Race Route/Closed Roads, Green - Alternate Route, Yellow - Reduced Lanes, Black - Closed Ramps

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