Reports say our economy is slowly getting better, and when that happens, prices go up on many things. The Post Office is no exception The price for First-Class Mail single-piece letter went up up by one cent to 46-cents , this past Sunday. New 46-cent "Forever" stamps will allow customers to mail letters to any location in the United States, however old 45-cent "Forever" stamps will continue to be honored.

What really bothers me here though is not the 1 cent increase of a postage stamp. It's the financial condition of the Post Office in general  Reports say  it will be bankrupt by years end, (or before), unless it receives a government bailout. To me that's scary.

Another government bailout in my opinion is uncalled for and premature. In addition to setting a precedent  t, we need to ask ourselves if we really need the mail? Today, social security checks are no longer mailed, banking and bill payments can be done online. Periodicals, newspapers, magazines etc. are now offered online as well. Email replaces the written letter. Packages today are mostly handled by private courier such as FedEx and UPS.So whats left?

Here's a suggestion. Reduce the mail service to two or possibly three days per week. Why not try something like that. Or, how about charging those who opt for daily service a fee. If both those plans fail, how about a partial bailout as a last resort.

Truth is, in today's society, we really don't rely on the Post Office. If any business does not keep up with the changing times and technology  they will soon be out of business. Why should the  Post Office be treated differently?